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PLEASE NOTE: You must have pre-order’s from NEW guests that you invited (Does NOT include your personal order) with a minimum of $350 in pre-sales to qualify for host rewards. Hostess Rewards are individual and can NOT be used in combination with another reward. To qualify for the 5% free product, the hostess must take advantage of the 3 1/2 price product rewards. (be sure you read the fine print)

the fine print

  1. Select a date
  2. The EP team will create a Facebook event for you to share and promote your party, it’s the hosts RESPONSIBILITY to invite and post in that event page.
  3. To qualify for Amazeball rewards YOU must invite your family and friends to attend your party so you can get the benefits of hosting!
  4. Like and share the page LOTS!!!!
  5. You MUST share your event at least 5 times in the week prior to your party date.
  6. When we go live on the date you chose you must like and share the video throughout your party.
  7. You must Comment in the live feed during your party promoting our website to place orders.
  8. You MUST be present at your party from beginning to end.
  9. We ask that you encourage your friends and family to place their orders at least 1 week before YOUR party, this will ensure that you qualify for the host rewards & Exclusive EP Host gift. As long as these requirements are met all orders on the night of your party will be credited to you!
  10. Last but most IMPORTANT you MUST be prepared to have FUN and lots of it.

To qualify for the EP Exclusive Host gift, your pre-sales need to reach $500 unless this gift is being offered as part of a special promotion that states otherwise during your party month.

Please note you can only host a party once every 6 months

The party is subject to cancellation if there are no pre-orders.

Party Sales Half Price and Free Products Your Rewards
$350-$500 1 1/2 price
1 Free
1 1/2 Price Product
1 Oyster
$501-$750 2 1/2 price
2 Free
2 1/2 Price Products
2 Oysters
$751-$1000 3 1/2 price
3 Free Items
Free Shipping
2 1/2 Price Products
3 Oysters
Free Shipping
$1001-$1499 3 1/2 price
4 Free Items
Free Shipping
1 Free Product (valued up to $50)
3 1/2 Price Products
3 Oysters
Free Shipping
$1500+ 3 1/2 price
5 Free Items
Free Shipping
5% Free Products
1 Free Product (valued up to $50)
3 1/2 Price Products
4 Oysters
5% in Free Product
Free Shipping

PLEASE NOTE: Hostess Rewards are subject to change without notice

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