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925 Sterling silver cage pendant (holds a 7-9mm pearl). You can choose a sterling silver chain to make it look even prettier.

From all four corners of the sea, countless stories have been circulated about mermaids.

The elusive and powerful mermaids have always been viewed as a part of many myths and legends all around the world, they have fuelled the imaginations of many people and struck fear into the minds of countless sailors.

Mermaid folklore depicts an abundance of names and descriptions for this elusive mystical creature.
Some harrowing tales and some magical, but always enthralling, in modern times Mermaids are known for their unimaginable beauty, grace, and magic, but looking back on tales of old, this mythological siren left sailors terrified, she is known by many different names in many different cultures and the stories of her legend will live on forever.

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Chain Length

$0- no chain, $10- wave chain 18", $10- rolo chain 18", $18- wave chain 24", $18- rolo chain 24", $25- wave chain 30", $25- rolo chain 30"


$0 – no pearls, $15- Live Oyster Opening, $25- Premium Pearl, $25- Open at Home Oyster, $30- Choose Your Own Colour Pearl


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