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Personally designed by Empire Pearls and manufactured just for us, you will want to get this gorgeous genuine 925 Sterling Silver Babushka Pendant. This is the perfect gift for all ages, as a gift for little girls, young girls, young at heart girls, old girls like me, and boys too. Who doesn’t love a Babushka? You can enrichen this pendant with 1 pearl and sterling silver chains of various lengths.

The nesting dolls have long been a favourite of many over the centuries, it’s still one of my all-time favourite things, the design, the artwork and overall beauty always captures my attention and my imagination.



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There are many stories surrounding the meaning of Russian nesting dolls. This is one of the most interesting and affectionate variants of the name Babushka in the Russian language means “grandmother”, “granny”, “grandma”.

The original nesting dolls are known as “Matryoshka” this word derives from “maternity” and the dolls that nest within one another also symbolize fertility and generations.

Then there’s the more philosophical meaning The final level of the Russian nesting dolls is that of the Individual wholeness where we grow towards completeness. This is the level of “I” of growth. This level can be seen in our individual values and abilities and is manifest in our skills and behaviors. Our experience and personal history, cultural identity and personal values, emotional and cognitive intelligence, as well as physical and mental health define this level for us. At this level, we confront what holds meaning and value for us and construct from it a worldview that gives our life perspective. Just like the onion analogy, We experience our lives subjectively on this level. That is, we see our world in the very personal context of that which moves or inhibits our growth.

There is also much controversy over who came up with the nesting concept, Japan has had their own version of nesting dolls and the Chinese had nesting boxes for what seems like long before the dolls concept was created.

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Chain Length

$0- no chain, $10- wave chain 18", $10- rolo chain 18", $18- wave chain 24", $18- rolo chain 24", $25- wave chain 30", $25- rolo chain 30"


$0 – no pearls, $15- Live Oyster Opening, $25- Premium Pearl, $25- Open at Home Oyster, $30- Choose Your Own Colour Pearl


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